Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Something old, Something new

Old friends, new books... life is good! What a fun time with friend Jennifer, who was here for a visit from Alaska. Here she is holding one of Paula's fabulous fabric bags (yummy on the outside, yummy on the inside).

We made books with Gaye, and then for some reason spent an hour taking pictures of them. The books took direction very well for us.... Okay, you books, make a pile.

Very good. Now, make a tower.

Awesome! Now, just you five. (hey, didn't I see that hand in a museum?)

Now get in a circle.

The inner circle.

We used Gaye's floor tile for our book covers. What a fun day. We had a freakishly good time.


Paula:) said...

You are a WONDERFUL photographer Pat. You have a great eye. Maybe you should go to Africa and take pictures on a safari. I can just see you standing up in a jeep holding onto the rail and taking pictures and screaming - drive faster you strong muscle bound dark man - faster - faster. Get right up next to that giraffe running. Faster - faster.

Pat said...

You made me choke on my coffee I was laughing so hard. I think you have me confused with someone else!!! (Keep in mind, for every picture you see here, there were three that are not so great!)

Paula:) said...

OOOHHHHH LA LA - look at that beautiful fabric. I want 10 more yards of it. I am glad I made you laugh. ALLLLL photographers are like that though. Like I said at Gaye's = for every 3 pictures you take - you might get 1 that you like. They are fab girl.

J.La said...

Pat, Thanks for not mentioning my freakishly long arms....