Thursday, October 7, 2010


I like to sometimes drop in at the only fabric store in my area.  I'm always amazed that chain stores don't have the same things in different cities.  I like the fact that my Hancock Fabric store takes their leftover scraps of fabric, bundles them up, and throws them in a pile on a table, or sometimes in wire baskets (they keep moving them, so "the hunt" never gets old).  Sometimes they have nothing to interest me.  Whatever I get, it's usually half a yard or less, and it's usually a dollar or less. 

I almost always grab the muslins, kona cottons, and canvas.  The whites and off-whites appeal to me for possible lettering projects.  Most of the time, the bundles aren't marked, so I don't really know what I'm getting.  But the smoothness of a particular bundle intrigued me, so I brought it home this week.

When I unrolled the bundle, there was faint printing on the edge that leads me to believe it is drapery lining.  I did play around with some lettering on it with acrylic inks.

I also played around in my stencil journal some more.  Not totally happy with the stitching on the fabric, but it's a no-pressure journal, after all.  So I'm not going to lose sleep over it.


gaye said...

Your lettering looks great as does your journal page. Don't see a thing wrong with it. I'm sooooo ready to play again. Inspiring as usual.
Also, I need that chair. Very cool!

Karoda said...

i haven't popped over here in awhile and just like always, i find something that makes me the callig on the fabric!