Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chair Art

My local paper had an article in the home section that mentioned "typographic decor" is the big thing all of a sudden, with letters and numbers, old typography, etc., showing up everywhere.  Hmmm... haven't we all been using those things ForEver already??  Nevertheless, they showed as an example a chair like this one.

It was made by Palette Industries.  Check them out here.

Thanks to everyone who confirmed that I have persimmons in my yard.  At least now I know.  And Jan knows how to dig into my brain and make me curious. (FYI, that is not my brain.)

She left a comment about cutting open the persimmons and predicting the kind of winter we will have, depending on the pattern inside.  So of course I had to go out and gather some.  Just to get a good sampling, I got some ripe ones off the ground as well as some unripe ones off the branches.

Ready to proceed with the cutting...

The first thing I noticed was that a couple of them had ants on them.  eeeek.  Got rid of the ants and proceeded.  They were really squishy to cut into.  And I didn't see a pattern either, because there was a hard seed in the center.  I looked at Jan's comment again and saw where I went wrong.  She said to cut the SEED to see the pattern, not the persimmon.  Ooooh, that's different. 

By then, I realized these suckers were slimy and sticky.  I did try to cut into a couple of seeds, but they kept getting away from me.  Since I type all day for a living, I decided that welding a sharp knife and some slippery seeds were probably not the best thing for me to be doing.  Slicing off a finger is not an option!  So I will just assume the winter will be cold, with snow and some unpredictable weather (with lots of slipping and sliding!)  I also learned I don't have the patience to gather enough pulp for persimmon pudding. 

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letterlady said...

Oooh! You brought back an autumn day when I was a kid and Daddy cut open the persimmon seeds with a pocket knife. That's when he told us the folklore. I asked him about a fork. (Spoon= shoveling snow, knife = cutting cold...naturally my child's mind wondered about the fork. He said that would mean both. Thankfully he didn't say what my questions probably made him feel like saying, 'go away kid, ya bother me!')