Sunday, October 31, 2010

October Sky

What could be more beautiful than a blue October sky?

But it is, after all, Halloween... so we need to make this more sinister.  So, is that a beautiful blue sky with the moon and a wispy cloud?  Or is an evil government experiment?? (Okay, even *I* am having trouble taking myself seriously now!)

In fact, that is not a cloud at all.  It is a chemtrail from an airplane.  You can tell because an airplane contrail disappears as the plane goes along.  The chemtrails linger for hours.

 I don't know that I believe all the conspiracy theories, but I do know some facts.  Fact is, these seem to occur more and more often.  It is not unusual to see grids in the sky almost daily.  I am more inclined to believe it is some kind of training exercise, but I have no idea for sure.

I just know that three hours elapsed between the first photos and the next one.  When I went outside later, the sky was literally covered with lines and grids. 

But the trees sure are pretty, with the sun shining through the leaves.  And that's a fact, Jack.


Paula Hardesty said...

It's Mike creating in the sky.

Pat said...

Ha! You may be right!

letterlady said...

It's pilots looking for that cute girl who does fun art.