Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mike Meador

Life goes on.  We work, we play, we carry on.  But there still seems to be a void in the world where Mike Meador used to be.  Gaye and I went to Indianapolis yesterday to attend the memorial service.  I'm so glad we went.  The service was just wonderful.  Even though we have known Chris and Mike for many years, it was a lot of fun to hear what he was like in his high school years and on into adulthood (not to mention seeing the great slide show of old pictures).  Much was made of his time helping youth groups, and encouraging kids develop an interest in music.  In retrospect, it should be no surprise to hear his quirkiness was something he was apparently born with, as he has been that way his whole life!  Tales were told, starting with his mandatory time at his parents' dry cleaners after school each day, where he sat at a desk in the back with only a box of paper clips to keep him entertained for hours on end.  I guess that explains where he got his ability to make things and develop his uncanny skills with inanimate objects.

And speaking of such objects, where else can you attend a memorial service where there are trinkets on a table for all to take home with them.  I almost jumped up and down when I saw the tiny version of my favorite stencil, the little happy girl.

I didn't open the clear box it came in until I got home, and there inside I discovered the little book called "Little Lucy Rhymer".  It says at the end that it's a story by Mike Meador, 2004.  Sometimes I feel so dense.  Back in June, he posted comments about the name of the girl in the stencil, and I didn't know what he was talking about, but it makes more sense now - well, not really, but now I see why he recited that odd poem, because it was one of his previous projects.  (See his comments here.)  I'm going to miss his comments on my blog.  I knew when I was getting boring and when I was making someone laugh.  But that is still my favorite stencil, and she means even more now each time I use her.

He is having fun now, that's for sure.  And he knows so many things now that we can only dream of knowing.  Peace, Mike.  Hugs, Chris and Andy.

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ginnycartersmallenburg said...

This is lovely, Pat.
Did you see his obituary? Chris put his favorite moniker "Luftmensch" as his middle name! Good for her. I love the idea of a giveaway table. That is so Mike. He is up above saying "oh my" in that deadpan way of his.