Friday, May 8, 2009

My Little Friend

I go to the garage. I push the button to raise the garage door. The dramatic music from the movie 2001 plays in my head...daaaa daaa daaaaaaa... Da Daaaaaaa... The door slowly rises. My friend is there again.

Isn't this what everyone sees when they open the garage door? The weird thing is, this guy was not just standing there when I opened the door, he Ran there from the other side of the yard when the door went up, because he knew I'd be coming out to fill the bird feeders.

When it was 5 degrees outside, I understood. When he brought 30 of his friends in the dead of winter, I understood. But it is no longer the harsh cold days of winter, and I have no idea where this guy came from or when he will leave. But I think I'm stuck with him (or her... I have no idea which).


Sugee Andersyn said...

That thing is pretty cool!

ginny said...

I think it may be a wild turkey. We have seen quite a few around here this year although ours are darker and bigger. I am sure it means something though. I will leave that to your imagination.
I am enjoying your blog, Pat!