Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When Ideas Converge

I was reading Pam Sussman's blog (see link on the left), and followed a link to a place to download little books to make. I treated myself to some play time, and made this little map and this pizza book.

Oh, look... is that security envelope paper in the back there? Very good, Sherlock.

Anyway, making the little single sheet books reminded me that I had not made a PocketMod book in a while. What's a PocketMod? Very cool little single sheet books. I have made dozens since I came across the website. It is very simple to pick what you want on the pages, drag and drop, then print. One leads to another, and I can't stop making different variations once I get started. Pages with lines, grids, calendars, lists, etc. They are perfect for notes, and fit easily in a pocket or purse.

Anyway, I made a few of those, and made a cover from envelope paper. I sewed two pieces of the paper together so the pattern shows on both the outside and the inside of the book. Then I decided to make a fabric tab closure.

I'm experimenting with a new closure option. I have some very thin magnet tape that I'm using. It is sticky on one side, so just stick it where you want it. See where I put a piece on the tab, and a piece on the cover. It works just fine for this small, lightweight book. I plan to sew all four sets of PocketMod books to the cover, just have not gotten around to it yet.

Oh, a hint from me on folding the PocketMod. You may not have this problem, but my printer prints the sheet a little askew for some reason. So what I do is first fold the paper in half at the faint gray line they show in the center. When I do this, the ends of my folded paper do not match up, but the PocketMod edges do. I trim (on the paper cutter) the three remaining sides, cutting where they have the faint outside border. Then proceed with the folded book. If you are not familiar with this type of fold, they even have a video tutorial further down the page.

So, go forth and make PocketMods......

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