Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Use the Good Paper

I'm feeling in an art funk. I think it's because I am working so much. Since it was my turn to work Memorial Day, I volunteered to work the whole weekend too, so that is making for a very long stretch of days without time off. Then I think about how I hate working and want to do art. Then I feel guilty that so many are out of work and I am complaining because I have to work. Shame on me. At least I do love what I do (medical transcription), and I do get to work at home, so I guess I need an attitude adjustment.

Then I might come across something from a past day when I did have time to play. A couple of years ago, I was going through a masking tape phase.

I would take watercolor paper, mask off some lines and then just play, play, play with paint. Even if I don't have time for an actual "project" I want to do, there is something about just picking up a brush, dipping it in paint, and painting on heavy paper. It really feeds my soul.

When I pick these up, they just feel good, because I used the "good" paper, and the good paints. Who knows what I will do with this stuff, but when I don't have time to play, I can prop these up to look at from time to time and get happy inside.

This was done with black drawing ink and red ink. There is a book here just waiting for me to figure out how I want to proceed.

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Shelley said...

Wow, the spread with all the colours is truly beautiful! Now I want to quit working and go home and play too... : )