Monday, May 4, 2009


Don't we love words!

This is a page in progress. I just finished reading a great book (which I'll probably bring up again later), and it sent my mind into a hundred different thoughts. These word stencils really fit the bill for what I have in mind for these pages.

And as I so often do when doing art, as long as I had stuff out and as long as my hands were already inky, I used the stencils on a couple of other places before I put them away. The one below was an experiment gone wrong. If you look at the pink and blue lettering, it actually says Happy Easter. I really like to use water-soluble markers to write things, then spritz with water and let the colors blend a little. I got a little too carried away with the water here, plus it was not watercolor paper and a little water went a long way. Project aborted. So, time to use some stencils on it. It will probably lay on the table and get more things added over time, then end up as background paper somewhere.

Then I used another word stencil in an altered book that I work in from time to time. Mostly, I just paint the pages whenever I have left-over paint from another project.

And for the people waiting breathlessly to see what monthly divider I'll put in my journal for the month of May (see previous post here), I decided on these paper clips that spell out May. However, those little rascals are being difficult. The letter parts keep popping off the clip part. So I may end up using something else for May. I will either send these clips to the Home for Deliquent Paper Clips, or if I'm feeling more accomodating, I'll send them to the Paper Clip Hospital to see Dr. Superglue.

And lastly, February got left out of my other post showing the dividers, mainly because it was on the left side and also does not stick out. It's just gaffer's tape, something easy (since that was done while I was in a hotel room last February during the power outage/ice storm).

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