Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Above and Beyond

Attention shoppers - only 4 more days until Valentine's Day.  Therefore you will temporarily see hints of red around my blog.

It's cold today.  Too cold for me to frivolously go outside and write in the snow, or stage photo ops with clowns and sock monkeys.  The wind blew all night and all day.  What little shoveling I did yesterday was covered up by more snow last night and today, as well as snow that blew from somewhere else.  My path to the road disappeared.  The trash collector did not come yesterday.  However, they did come today.  After they left, I looked outside to make sure they had not left my trashcan too close to the road.  With the winds blowing like they were, it would blow into the road in no time and become a trashcan pancake.  I didn't see it.  Great.  It was probably already in the road, out of my line of vision.  I got all bundled up and prepared to shovel another path to the road.  I opened the garage door and saw this.

Not only had those wonderful souls fought subzero temperature, blowing snow, and howling winds in doing their job, they had brought my trashcan all the way up my driveway to the garage.  AND they brought my newspaper.  I am most impressed.  Who does that?  Who goes out of their way to do more than is required these days?  Kudos to those frozen figures who passed by today.

This is (a) a Himalayan moutain range, or (b) snow that was shoveled from my sidewalk.  Could be either!

Stay warm, boys and girls.


Jennifer said...

That's it. I'm sending you a parka, boots, and fleece scarf, hat and mittens. Maybe a heated blanket too.....

Pat said...

...or hot chocolate. Either one works!

gaye said...

See, you must be livin' right. Good things happen to good people. And you're the best in my book!