Friday, February 26, 2010

And So It Goes...

My brother (on the left) is NOT 50 years old in this picture. But he will be next week.  One reason I have not been posting much the last week is that I was going through old family photos, scanning them, and emailing them to his daughter.  I'm the unofficial keeper of the photos, you see.  She is making a scrapbook for him and planning an early surprise party for tonight.  So, since it was a surprise, I could not say anything here.  My lips and typing fingers are sealed.  He should be looking at the scrapbook right about now.  I so wish I could be there, but it was not possible for me to travel that distance.  But it sure has been fun to go through the old photos.  So many memories.  He used to really know how to get under my skin, back when I was a teenager and he was "the little brother".  If he really wanted to make me mad, he would go un-make my bed.  I swear, there would be steam coming out my ears!  Funny how that all seems so irrelevant now.  Just something to laugh about.  So, now my "little" brother is 50.  That makes me.... older. Happy Birthday!  (And yes, that would be me on the right.  Hard to believe I was that young, with hair that short, and bangs!)

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