Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Green Things Popping Up

I noticed this new green sign on my road a couple of days ago.  It may not seem like anything out of the ordinary to anyone else, but it has me a little curious. 
I've mentioned before that I live out in the country.  On a country road.  Although I've never thought much about it, I have thought my road is about 6 miles long.  I'll be generous and say it might be more like 10 miles, but certainly no more.  So why do we need mile markers on this road?  It must be to help 911 dispatchers or something.  I seriously doubt anyone will get lost on my road since it is so short.  And why is it on the left side of the road?  I guess that is just in case there are some British visitors.  Who happen to be driving out in rural Kentucky.  And get lost.

Then I was pondering this further (yes, my mind is like a fine oiled machine sometimes...) and as long as I've lived here, I've directed people to my house by saying it is "about a mile down the road".  I think I once even clocked it in the car and it was a little over a mile.  It might be a mile and a half, but no way is it 3 miles!

But the good news is... at least one job was "saved or created" by the installation of this little sign.  Someone had to make the sign.  Someone had to drive out here.  Someone had to install it.  They probaby had lunch somewhere along the way, so a restaurant staff kept their jobs.  See, I should work for the government.  I know how to work the numbers!!

I noticed this today.  Sorry to dirty up your screen with moldy, dead vegetation, but since I discovered poison ivy in this area, I don't touch this spot anymore.  I don't weed it, I don't mulch it, I just ignore it.  But, holy cow, there is a little area of stuff sprouting there!  Spring is indeed on the way!!

Speaking of green...

Need I say more?  Actually, these are fake Girl Scout cookies.  Let me say first off that some things I will buy the generic versions of and some things are worth the extra money.  Like toilet paper... I have a name brand I stick to and that's that (okay, too much information!)  And Coca-Cola.  Sorry, but "Sam's Choice" or a generic brand just doesn't do it for me.  Anyway, the little neighbor girls all around me have all either grown up or they've moved away.  I don't run into Girl Scout cookies anymore.  But I saw a box of these at the dollar store (way cheaper than the real thing) and they taste just as good as the real thin mints. 

Thanks for putting up with my random ramblings... I'll be over in the corner pondering more meaningless and obscure things of life. 


Bill said...

The "Mile 3" marker is for the military - it indicates the distance from the ancillary projector. United Nations protocol 583.67 necessitates order.

Why were you so generous with my labels?

ginnycartersmallenburg said...

In the corner pondering meaningless and obscure things of life while eating thin mints? I see nothing wrong with this. In fact I think it quite noble.
And I think "Bill" made the whole thing up in his comment.

Mike M. said...

Pat, why don't you make things right with this "Bill" guy?

Pat said...

I think "Bill" made all that up too! And I'm not worried about his complaining... nothing a little restraining order won't fix!