Sunday, February 28, 2010

Perfect Day

I had a really fun afternoon on Saturday.  First, I hit the interstate.... carefully following this coffee truck.

Okay, I'm pretty sure he wasn't loaded with coffee, but I was prepared with my thermos, just in case he wrecked!

We had a great going away party for friend Myriam, who is moving back to her native Belgium.  In the years she has lived here, we have all been in awe of her artistic skills.... from calligraphy to painting to drawing to tatting... and the list goes on.  She has been weeding out her studio in preparation for the move.  She has distributed a lot of her painted papers among all of us for the past few months.  Leave it to Gaye to come up with the brilliant idea of making a book for Myriam, using her very own painted papers!  I love it.  We have all been making tags and embellishments to go in the book.  I think she was surprised, and the book was awesome.  I keep trying to tell Gaye that I think I am moving to Belgium too, so she will make a book for me, but she's not falling for it.

Here is Myriam's book, with her own papers coming back to her.  Even the covers utilize paper from one of her paintings.

Here is my tag - I made a pocket from her paste paper and the booklet tag is from her calligraphy project.

It was fun seeing friends I don't get to spend time with nearly as much as I need to, and I loved seeing Dot's studio and getting all kinds of ideas.  It was a perfect day!

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