Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Few Loose Ends

A few posts ago, I mentioned some things I could not post here because they were birthday gifts.  While I have still not finished my own "Remains of the Day" journal I have been working on, I wanted to make one for Gaye for her birthday.  Unfortunately, I have not finished hers either.... so for her birthday, I wrapped up the cover with some padding inside and gave that to her, then promptly took it back!  Most of the fabrics on the cover are goodies she found at yard sales and shared with me.  The keyhole is one of the infamous leather keyholes we came across together a few years ago.

And speaking of Remains of the Day, that class has me so into sewing things, I even sewed one of Gaye's packages closed!  Hey, why not? As far as I know, there are no published Rules and Standards for Gift Wrapping.

Another thing I had mentioned was something I had ordered.  I can now reveal that I had ordered some custom fabric labels (after seeing sources listed on Pam Sussman's blog).  As usual, I ordered some for Gaye, and some for me.  Gaye's turned out fine... look, she even put one on an envelope she sent me.  Clever Girl!!!

The set I ordered for myself..... well.... instead of labels with my name on them, this is what I received.

(Since this looks like someone's phone number, I obscured the numbers before posting it here.)  I guess poor Bill is wondering where his labels are.  I know I'm wondering where mine are!

Have a great week!


Bill said...

Please quit calling me.

Pat said...

Oh, nooooo,
Mr. Billlllllll....

letterlady said...

OMG - that's not a real message from Bill, is it? I was going to suggest you call him. Too funny!

Pat, it is weeks sometimes between my viewings of your blog. And that is a good thing. I enjoy them so much I truly laugh out loud. Thanks for the best blog on the internet!

jan said...

And I thought I was the only one who gave unfinished gifts then promptly take them back. Got a good giggle out of "Bill". hope you get your proper labels soon.
/jan, an ROD classmate