Friday, February 19, 2010

It's a Collection!

I'm having serious book love for this new book from friend Jennifer.  Yummo. 

I want to sneak over to her house and watch her make these.  Well, I may need a week of vacation from work to sneak away to Alaska, but that's beside the point.

So much detail... copper etching, riveting, hammering, etc.  Thank you Jennifer!!! 
(And I love the fabric it was wrapped in too!)

And now that I added it to the other two metal books from Gaye, it is officially classified as a collection of small metal books.  Not a couple of books anymore.  A collection!!!
(It's always so hard to take pictures of metal books.  They are way better than the pictures.)


paula:) said...

OH OH OH it is just delicious. She did a great job. I say we take a week off and go to Alaska and make books allll week. sound good????

Mary said...

This is beautiful! Does she sell these?? If so where?

Pat said...

I will pass along your comment to Jennifer! If you want to see more, she also gave one to my friend Paula Hardesty. She her blog link to the left.

Jennifer said...

Oooooo! A collection. The plan worked! I am glad that you like your book, Pat. I loved making it! Now, ya'll come on to Alaska and we'll make more for your collection!

gaye said...

Your book from Jennifer is so beautiful. And I love the collection.:-) You sure have people who love you.