Thursday, August 19, 2010

And then there were two

Last weekend, I sewed the tapes onto the other stencil journal I had started.  I had put it aside so I could stencil some more of the wide tapes.  I wanted to spray the word Journal on the tape.  But I never got around to doing that... and I was SO antsy to put this together.  I went with the plain black cover and used the tapes I had already sprayed before.  Love it! 


gaye said...

You're just goin' to town down there. I thought you worked? The book looks GREAT!

HeartFire said...

Your books look wonderful! I took Mary Anne's class too several months ago, only I never stenciled anything until a few days ago. Using the Ranger color wash so I wouldn't have to set up outside... & less toxic! Thought I saw you also used something water based?

Pat said...

Yes, you are right - I made some sprays by pouring stamp pad re-inkers into spray bottles and adding some water. (I really didn't want to water them down, it's just that the re-inker bottles are so little and it wasn't enough to spray with!) Very non-toxic. The colors do bleed when they are oversprayed, but I kinda liked how that worked too. I have heard the Glimmer Mists are good to use. Also, Stamp Zia has some beautiful sprays. Have fun!