Sunday, August 15, 2010

The night was steaming hot...

There was a fan in the corner of the room, slowly turning back and forth.  Its subtle click, click, click was hypnotic, and, combined with the hot still air, made her drowsy as she tried to focus on the papers spread over her desk.  Maybe another scotch would help.  The ice cubes clinked in the glass and started to melt immediately. When would this heat ever end?

Okay, back to reality.  I saw a link on a couple of other blogs for a web site called "I Write Like" -- you paste a sample of your own writing and it tells you who you write like.  I pasted something from one of my previous blog posts, and apparently I write like Raymond Chandler.  He used to write those old detective novels (The Big Sleep is one).  So how about I write all my blog posts like a detective novel?  Here's the link for I Write Like.

A few people asked about the translucent cover on my stencil journal.  This is what I used:

These are Avery plastic dividers.  I saw them in today's WalMart sale paper, a pack of 5 for the "sale" price of $2.50.  You can see my pack was of 8, and I'm pretty sure I only paid $2 or less, but I don't remember where I got them.  I think it was Big Lots, but there is no guarantee they will still have them if I go back.  My stencil journal is about 5 x 7, so I cut the covers to that size from these page dividers.

I still love that little journal and can't stop picking it up.  I have started adding bits from daily life to it.  The main reason I'm posting pages here is because of the t-shirt in the lower right corner.  Finally, a name for us shorties... we are Fun Size!!

I think I am going to like adding things to this book.  No worries about writing a lot in it, just adding little bits here and there.


gaye said...

Well, I'm not going to that site to find out I write like a first grader. You are too funny. You always make me laugh out loud.
I really like what you're doing with your journals. Yummo!

Jennifer said...

I love all of the colors and pictures and textures. It looks so good! "Fun size!" You are so funny!

Leslie said...

Your books are sooo fun & inspiring! And thank you so much for the delightful "little books" program at kcg last month -- I may actually finish one (a concept I'll admit I unfortunately personally have *lots* of trouble with...) -- with much mirth from a legs-not-too-short-to-reach-the-ground-er, to another "fun sized" artsy person! - Leslie H.