Friday, August 27, 2010

Faux Tape

I have to work this weekend, but the bright spot to that is that I get a weekday off when that happens.  So, off I went to Louisville this week to visit Gaye and see what she brought me from Stampaway (yes, I know Stampaway was two weeks ago.)  What fun to get a bag of goodies.  I had especially requested some tape from Coffee Break.  I'll explain why later.  Here are some of my goodies.

(Yes, Mike, I realize I forgot to pull off the paper backing on the parts of the mini stamp before I assembled it.  I noticed it after the fact.  But I was so anxious to put the stamp together that I got ahead of myself!  Plus I like to think mine is unique now, not that I'm incompetent!)

Gaye was showing me a technique while I was there, and I immediately confiscated her sample to put in my stencil journal (which I had brought with me to show her).  She gave me some flowered envelopes, and I immediately cut one in half and put that in my journal too, making a pocket out of it. The blue swirly package tape is also hers.  A true friend lets you use her stuff like that, you know, when you are overcome with a journaling urge.

The reason I wanted more tape is that I have been playing around with making my own faux washi tape.  Oh, I still love the ones for sale, and will not stop buying anything that strikes my fancy.  But it's also fun to make your own.  I simple gather my tape and some tissue paper, put the tape on the back of the tissue paper, then cut along the edge of the tape.  To use, peel off the tape backing and there you have it. 

I have also experimented with scrunching up the faux tape to make it look more like masking tape or crepe tape.

I have stamped on painted papers and used that as well.  The black and white piece is one Gaye stamped.  There is no end to the possibilities.

Last but not least, I spied something on Gaye's counter.  It was a miniature refrigerator. The date on the back says 1987.  My picture of the front of the little fridge was overexposed, so unfortunately I can't show you that.  But check out the rest of it. 

We agree it probably had more "parts" to it in its past life, but here's what it has now...

It had a pocket on the back that held scissors.  The pineapple is a little stapler.  The celery is a pen.  The butter box is a sharpener.  The cherry cake is actually a retractable tape measure.  Two small drawers hold vegetable paper clips and a steak which is really a magnet.  The larger freezer section is a tape dispenser.  It was the cutest thing ever.  I'm still not sure what the connection is between office supplies and a refrigerator, but that's neither here nor there!  I just never know which will be more fun when I go to Gaye's house -- her latest art projects or her yard sale finds! 


lynda Howells said...

thanklynda you for showing us how to make our own tape..xx..knew there was a reason l subscribed to your blog

Mike M. said...

The paper on the stamp was the first thing that I saw. Yes, I'm totally annoyed.

sue Young said...

Very very cool!why didn't I think of that?Thanks!