Sunday, August 22, 2010


I was going to label this "Texture Tuesday" but it's not Tuesday.  I could wait til Tuesday to post this, but I'd forget by then!  Actually, I have mostly been piddling here and there, and have not done anything special to show.  But I did come across a bag o' stuff that I was sorting and putting away.  Cool stuff in the bag o' stuff, which came from Gaye of course, and some of her excursions to see what other people are getting rid of.

For some reason, I'm seeing all these things on book covers.  And I'm seeing that black lace used on a sun print, which I'm sure I'll get around to doing sometime in my lifetime because it's on my to-do list.  I think.  I need to start a new list, and the first thing would be to find my to-do list.

Earlier this month, I had good intentions of entering a calligraphy piece in the state fair.  I decided to play around with background pieces to have something to work on.  On two, I used a dropper to make marks on black paper with white acrylic ink.  On the other, I used a folded pen to make black marks on paper, then added a walnut ink wash.

Unfortunately, that was also the week the heat index was around 110 degrees every day. Combined with the humidity and my current air conditioning "issues", it just seemed the inks and paints would never dry properly.  I lost interest and went away, to the room of air conditioning, where I took long naps.

I love fall.  I love spring.  I love winter.  Summer... not so much.

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Leslie said...

"Bag o' stuff" -?? s' wonderful to see what you do with "stuff"!! And yep, couldn't agree w/ you more about summers of humongous heat & humidity. (oh dear... I for sure now can't go to the site you mentioned about writing style...)
-- Leslie H.