Thursday, March 3, 2011

All I Had Was a Pancake

The search for things new and exciting continues.  I was blown away seeing art created by using a waffle as a stamp.  It was hidden in some great photos on Lisa Engelbrecht's Flickr site from a calligraphy conference.  See waffles here and here.

I really thought I had some frozen waffles in my freezer.  I was so disappointed to see all I had was old frozen pancakes, past their expiration date.

 Surely I could still stamp with them.

Maybe I could use a cookie cutter. (I have several, although none have ever been used to make cookies as far as I know.)

Maybe I could make a cat pancake stamp.

Or maybe I could have breakfast. Yum.
 See how easily I get distracted.....

1 comment:

gaye said...

Girl, where is your head right now?. You definitely need a road trip :-)