Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fashion (Non)Sense

Be aware.  This could happen to you. 

You might buy a big box of old patterns.  You might put it aside and forget about it for months. 

The Pattern People might get bored.  They will mix and mingle.  They will try on each others clothes.  They will steal words and pages from children's books. 

You never know what they will do.
  [Caution:  Silliness alert!]


Caatje said...

I see there's some cross dressers amongst pattern people too! Kinky!

Sarah said...

love it!

gaye said...

Now I understand what "You are guilty by association" means.

J.La. said...

You are too clever. Is that a man wearing a skort?! Nice combo.

Pat said...

I really thought after mixing some top and bottom parts, the results would be freakishly entertaining. I'm a little disappointed that they look almost natural! Not as freakish as I expected.

letterlady said...