Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cut Cut Here...Cut Cut There

I like to carve stamps, but I don't do it very much.  When I ran across Traci Bunkers blog (here) in January, I admired her dedication to carve a stamp a day.  What I liked best was that the designs were nice geometric shapes, and she did a lot with them as far as adding color.  You can see more of the designs by going back through her archives of January and February.  (And now that she has finished 30 Days of Carving, she is on to her 30 Days of Journaling... I have some catch-up reading to do!)

So I decided to carve a few stamps.  Then I wondered if I had some older stamps I had carved that I forgot about.  

The one below is one I carved last week.  I like this design for borders on journal pages.  (I also like the flexibility of straying from the original sketch as I go). 

 For journaling, I also like to use words and phrases from magazines and newspapers.  I have an envelope full of these that I cut out as they strike my fancy, then I'll grab one from time to time, and see where it takes me.  It usually involves silliness of some kind...

So much to do... so little time!


gaye said...

I love the look of carved stamps. I really have a hard time seeing what I'm supposed to take out and what I'm to leave in. It's a left right brain thing I think. Yours look great on the page.

Kelly said...

These are fantastic! I too love carved stamps (ever since working on Gloria Page's DVD for work)

@Gaye- I wonder if coloring the part you want to take out would work. Like with a red marker? That way you know if you see any red left, you're not done cutting.