Saturday, March 19, 2011

Feeling Bluesy

I don't know why people think I like blue so much.

I mean, really.

Okay, it's true.  I love blues and greens.  I like other colors, but I sure do gravitate to the blues a lot when I'm playing and journaling.

By the way, the first picture, with the brush in the water?  That was an experiment too.  Just mere hours ago, it was a candle.  Am I the only one who gets irritated when a candle in a jar burns halfway down, then the wick disappears and it won't burn anymore?  Or, even if the candle does last its intended life span all the way to the bottom, what does one do with a wax-coated leftover candle jar?  This particular candle was a favorite--"vanilla cupcake"--and smelled heavenly.  But halfway through, it just would not burn anymore.  On a whim today, I put it in the microwave.  I heated it for about 20 seconds at a time, then took a knife to the soft wax and cut it in fourths like a pie.  I was then able to remove the wax chunks through the narrow opening.  While the rest of the leftover wax inside was warm, I wiped off what I could with a paper towel.  I'm sure I could have washed it, but who wants wax in their kitchen pipes?  Only when I felt the wax was gone did I give it good rinse and cleaning in the sink.  It is now my new water jar.  I have some small water jars that I got from Gaye.  They are my favorites that I use constantly.  But this may be my new favorite because it is wider on the bottom and maybe I won't tip this one over!  (In reality, if something has a liquid in it, and it is near me, chances are it will eventually get knocked over.)

Playing, playing, playing... lots of experimenting going on.
I had some leftover acrylic ink and used it on some journal pages.  Tried to see what would happen if I used a dropper to drop black, then white inks into the wet blue.  But before I used the dropper, I got my camera, and it dried too fast for good results.  Plus the white was kinda globby.  I ended up blotting up most of the black and white.  The pages curled a lot at first, and I weighted them down before dropping more color.  The ink bottle left a nice little half moon there on the page. 

Speaking of moons... don't forget to look up in the skies tonight for the SuperMoon!!!

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Caatje said...

With me it's usually the cat who knocks over the water jar. It's annoying, but...isn't it nice to have a cat to blame everything on? ;-)

I looked at the moon and saw no difference with the moon from the night before, it was quite pretty both times though. Maybe I live in the wrong place for any dramatic effects?