Monday, March 7, 2011

Rainy Road Trip

About this time, nine weeks into the new year, those dark winter days could use some excitement.  That's why Gaye and I look forward to our road trip to Indianapolis for the annual rubber stamp show.  Little did we know that it would rain all day.  And by all day, I mean All Day, without exception.  I wish I had thought to take some pictures of the fields along the interstate.  Indiana is pretty flat in that area, and every field looked like a lake.  In some parking lots, ducks looked like they were walking on water, because there was no dry surface.  Hard to believe we were in drought conditions not so long ago.

But inside the car, it was toasty and sunny. We both really needed the road trip. We didn't really need to shop for anything at all - it's all about the trip.  It's not a huge convention, and seemed even smaller this time.  We both bought a few unmounted stamps at StampCamp and Lost Coast Designs.  I was happy to get some cushion, too, since I've needed it for months.  And those $2 long border stamps get me every time.  Hard to pass those up.  I noticed at most of the booths, it was all about ATC's.  Lots and lots of stamps sized to fit artist trading cards.  There were also some companies I wasn't familiar with, but they were very popular and had long lines.  Gaye and I reminisced back to the early days, and whether or not we ever wanted something bad enough to stand in line.  Me - my limit is about 30 minutes in line, tops.  Gaye - not so much! 

I was happy to see the Coffee Break booth.  I knew the business had been sold, to someone who already carried his products before.  It was good to see the familiar products, and that she kept the motto on the sign "Use Responsibly".  You can see more about Kristin here

We stopped at our favorite antique mall on the way home of course.  That's where we walk a lot, look a lot, and maybe buy one or two things.  I bought a porcelain palette and a children's book, which had old photos that for some reason really cracked me up. 

Great day.  I got home after dark, tired and sleepy.  Had to work Sunday and almost overslept.  But it was a happy tired.

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letterlady said...

So - I just missed you. I spent the weekend in Indy and went to Harvest Crittenden's workshop there. I tried to stop at the antique mall on my way home Sunday. Alas, they had already closed.