Monday, March 7, 2011

Book Love

One of the fun things about stopping at Gaye's house on Saturday is that I got to see some of the class samples she is working on for Art & Soul in Hampton, Virginia.  The "Lattice Entertain You" book is pretty amazing.  The pictures are great, but holding the books person is another matter - very impressive with all those intricate cuts on pages, on edge of pages, on the spine.  There are still openings in that class if you are in the area or planning to go.  The other class (Sewn In & Tied Too) is full (and is also an awesome, fun book). 

To see more pictures, go here.  For convention info, go here.   Now that's a road trip I wish I was going on!


gaye said...

Good Morning Pat
Thanks so much for the kudos about my book. I just love any book that is interactive and full of surprises. They always entertain me.

LesH said...

Hi, Pat! Gaye brought her book (yes, this exact book!) to the meeting Tues. night, & I gasped, "Lattice Entertain You!" (Uh, not everyone would be happy to hear that phrase esp. coming from practically tone-deaf me, but I referenced your blog.) Book is amazing in person! And, if I may gush even more, LOVE your blog! thank you! -- Leslie H.

Pat said...

Glad you like visiting here! Just doing my job.. you know, serving humanity and all that!