Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Sucker for Sprays

I know I talk a lot about sprays and stencils.  I was fairly certain I now have plenty of each and even if I ran across new stencils and new sprays, I could happily walk away and use what I already have.  Then one day at Michael's (the only craft store in my area), I saw some new sprays.  Apparently there is a whole line of Heidi Swapp scrapbooking materials I didn't know about.

The colors were luscious, but I didn't buy any.  However, I did think about the sprays from time to time.  I finally took my 40% off coupon to Michael's one day, just to buy one bottle to try out.  Somewhere along the way, I had also learned the sprays have more of a metallic sheen to them.  I don't normally go for the glittery shiny look.

Long story short, when I got to Michael's, they had added a bunch of stencils too, and I ended up getting a big 12 x 12 design, plus one bottle of what I thought was gold spray (turns out it is Mustard, but looks like gold sprayed on black).
 I sprayed a very light mist back and forth a couple of times onto black cardstock.  It's important to remember when spraying that less is more.  I took another piece of black cardstock and blotted the wet stencil to get the reverse image.
These are not great pictures, but you get the idea.  It's a very nice gold-ish color.  I would not be surprised if another coupon leads me to try another color in the future....

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