Thursday, May 30, 2013

Two Words

Zappos.  Outlet.

If you have ever ordered anything from Zappos and returned it, chances are it may have ended up in central Kentucky at the outlet store.  I have never been there until today.  I drove north and friend Gaye drove south, and we met in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, to check it out.  It's not that hard to find, since it's on this street:
Yes, the street is actually called Zappos.Com Boulevard.  I liked the swirly pattern in the front windows.
It is also called the 6pm Outlet, which confused me.  Right inside the front door, there is a huge chair throne where I presume you sit and have your picture taken when you leave.  It says "I received the royal treatment at the 6pm Outlet". 
It's an outlet store - lots of one of a kinds.  No checking to see if they "have it in my size".  What you see is what you get. Everything is at least half price.  I got some new sneakers.  Gaye got some new sandals.  I didn't take any pictures of those.  But now I know where they are and what they have.  And I signed up for their emails about specials in the future.  Great mini-road trip to enjoy some fun and some good company!  We had mini-show and tell too, but I don't have pictures of any of that either.  For sure, I came home wanting to make an altered book like Gaye's!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great road trip!
6pm is an outlet for Zappos - sounds like the store is an outlet for an outlet for Zappos!
Need to add Shepherdsville as a rest stop on my way to Florida next time!

Pat said...

Well, that clears up part of the mystery! Yes, you do need to put that on your agenda when heading south. Exit 116, turn left, and it's just a little way off the interstate. I didn't see any mouse ears on anything, though...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat.... sorry to hear no mouse ears - but we can take care of that with a little paint and magic! Check out - it is Zappos outlet online. Free shipping, cheaper prices (though if they don't fit, you pay shipping to send them back - but still cheaper usually than Zappos). I LOVE Zappos.
Now, exit 116, turn left - just down the road - gotta get there!