Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May

Happy May - Spray and Play!

I've been playing with backgrounds again.  These are done with Dylusions sprays.  I put a big piece of freezer paper (shiny side up) on the work table, sprayed two or three colors, then pressed white bristol board into the spray.  Some of the bristol board had gesso on it, some was plain.  The one thing I kept forgetting was to spray water onto the freezer paper before spraying the inks.  Makes for a much nicer blend of color when you remember to do that! 

Freezer paper with spray:
Bristol board blotted onto the spray (forgot to spray water first):
 See how much prettier these are - water was sprayed first:
 I cut some of the bristol board to ATC size.  I stamped birds onto the brighter colors, to be cut out later.  Since the sprays are water soluble, I used a brush to paint water onto the cards to blend and soften the colors:
ATCs are ready to stamp and embellish.  I'm really not loving the birds at all.  They will have to fly away somewhere else, and I will think up a plan B.

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