Friday, May 24, 2013

License to Create

I'm an artist.
I have a license to create.
I can prove it.

I was checking some old web links I had bookmarked and came across this one I forgot about.  Some of the features are free and some are not. The one to create a name badge is free.  Just upload a picture, pick one of the designs, and fill in the blanks.  I couldn't figure out how to make them any color other than blue.  And I don't have that many pictures of myself.  But I had fun anyway. The hardest part was thinking up words to use!  When you are happy with it, save it to your computer and make more.

Have fun with this.  Great projects for the kids.  And a fun thing for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  Give your guests an ID badge with a license to grill or something!
Here's the link to Big Huge Labs (when you get to the site, scroll down for the Badge Maker).

1 comment:

Caatje said...

Ha! I especially like that the experation date (year) is 2152. It's good to know you'll be around for a while (at least in creative spirit). ;-)