Friday, April 10, 2009

All The News That's Fit to Draw

So I go out and get my newspapers this morning. And the Louisville paper looks different. It looks like... like... like a 'zine or something...

And I see the story about the artist. He's a Turkish artist and he has recreated the front page of the paper by hand. That means the photos, the headlines, the text, everything. Wow.

The "real" page one is on page 3. But... wow. Art shows up when you least expect it.

The story behind it can be found at the paper's website here.


ginny said...

Wow, this is awesome Pat. Love this story and the editors who were "brave" enough to use it.
Your blog is great! Have fun with it and thanks for the kind words in your e-mail.

Hugs, Ginny

Pat said...

Thanks, Ginny!