Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Attack of the UFOs

One reason I started a blog is because I thought it would inspire me to put my art projects out there to share with other people. Seems I am falling down on the job in that respect. I recently heard someone use the term UFO to refer to "Unfinished Objects". Well, I have plenty of those. My art time is limited, but I sure have plenty of things that need to be finished, if I would only make an appointment with myself to do it!

There is the green canvas book (covers are painted canvas boards, pages are painted canvas cloth). All I have to do is refresh my memory on how to do a coptic stitch, and sew it all together.

Then there is the little journal made of magazine pages. I had planned to put cool things in it, working off whatever showed up on the magazine page.
And the fused-fabric-cover, full-of-odds-and-ends, funky chunky, loosey goosey book I started over a year ago. It is fun to hold and look at, but I need to commit to the layout of the different pages and sew it all together.
Excuse me while I go check my appointment book.....

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Sugee Andersyn said...

lol i like the idea for this post, a post about unfinished object's. ha! do I have tons of those! But, you know what? When you do commit to at least even just one project and it gets done, it feels so good! And UFO's are the best projects to do because you're already half way done!! So they finish up and come to fruition faster than you thought!