Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Enough To Eat

It's a sickness. It may be fabric, it may be buttons, it may be yarn, it may be Everything. Some things are just addictive. And sometimes there are things that are just so yummy, and feel so good to hold in your hands, you just can't stop. This was on the cutting table at the fabric store where I was getting some batik fabric cut. They had just gotten it in. The lady told me they didn't know where to put it yet, so it was just sitting there. It came in other colors (blacks, browns), but this one just shouted to me. It was not cheap, but my time is precious. I could sit and string a bunch of buttons and tiny rick rack onto a piece of tatted lace, or I could just say "I'll take a yard" and have more time to make things.

Somebody stop me!!

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