Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Have Your Camera

Well, not really, but more about that later...

These are some photos I got last summer at an estate sale. I always wonder about strangers in found photos. Who are they and what kind of lives did they lead? Why did their heirs not want these pictures? Maybe their heirs didn't know who they were either. My mom gave me a box of old photos a couple of years ago. There were some people that she didn't recognize, so I guess the lesson is to always write the names on the back. None of these had names on the back. One, however, (the fellow on the top left) read "Was taken when he gragerated in Cincinnati, Ohio". That struck me as so funny. I wondered if the person who wrote it had "gragerated"?

But we definitely live in a digital age now. There is not even a picture to write the name on. It is all digital, memory card or stick, etc. Which brings me to today's helpful hint. If you ever lost a camera or media card, you know that sinking feeling that you will never see it again, especially if you are on vacation in another part of the country or even the world. Or, maybe you find a camera and wonder how on earth to find the owner. I came across a great website that tries to match orphan cameras with sad owners. What a great service! You can even use the drop down menu to search by state or country. Looking at the list, either no one in Kentucky ever finds a camera, or people who lose cameras don't come to Kentucky. Anyway, keep that in mind if you ever lose your camera or media card. (I have reverted back to a hint from back in the days of film cameras... write your name and address in bold writing on a piece of paper and take a picture of it. That way, should your camera become lost, you would be easier to find.)

(I liked the back of this photo that proclaims "Artist and Photographer")

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paula:) said...

I find myself reading your blog. Now that is really something for me cause I hate to read. you know that! I am going to work on a blog. I need one. I think.