Sunday, April 5, 2009

Scratch 'n Sniff

Can you smell it? That smell of newly-mowed lawns all over the neighborhood? Yesterday was that kind of day... sunny, warm, people working in their yards. The smell of grass was a treat for the senses, the first time this year. This is also the first nice day to pick up the last of the debris from the ice storm. Since February, the piles of limbs and tree parts have been growing larger and larger in people's yards. We have been promised that help is on the way to pick it up, but my area (very rural part of the county) is last on the list. My "helpers" showed up today with chain saws and other equipment to take care of the larger trees that fell over. They only had about 75% of the work completed when that long-awaited crew hired by the county stopped at my driveway and started scooping up the debris pile. If only they had been a couple of hours later... but I won't complain. Seeing the piles gone is another refreshing sight. I no longer feel imprisoned behind a wall of wood! The crew is actually from a Pennsylvania logging company. They have been in Kentucky since the middle of February, which tells you how much debris there is just in this area. So, onward it is. Grass is growing. Sprouts are sprouting. The goldfinches are turning from olive drab to bright yellow. Renewal and rebirth!

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