Monday, March 15, 2010

Something No. 10

10.  Simmering Ideas.
There is an advantage (she said to herself convincingly) to not getting around to those projects on the back burner.  They sit there and simmer and simmer, and simmer some more.  And one day you realize there is a reason for that, because maybe you weren't happy with the idea in the first place.  If it simmers long enough, a light bulb goes off and you think of another way to do something that makes it a whole lot better.

After our paste paper play day last, um, July, I had every intention of making a book with the brownish colored pages I made.  I tore the paper, stacked them, rearranged them, stacked them some more, and yet they sat there.  I think there weren't enough of them for full impact in a book.  I kept thinking I'd eventually make some more paste paper in that same color and have enough for a book.  Then one day I thought of all the paste paper stashed away that I never use.  It didn't have to be a brown book.  Why not use ALL the paper (or a large variety of colors).  I'm still letting it simmer.  When it's done, I'll know.  And a book of some kind will be born.

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gaye said...

That is exactly what I do. I put my "possibilities" in my "Good Usable Parts Drawer" and eventually things all come together.