Friday, March 26, 2010

Something No. 19

19.  Random Discoveries.

I feel like I am way behind other people sometimes.  Apparently, there are scrapbookers and Stampin' Up people who have been making these little books for a long time.  I happened to run across some videos on You Tube with several of them and had to make one right away.

Projects are usually like recipes for me... I want to try it, but I don't always have the ingredients on hand.  But this time I did.  After all, who doesn't have These on hand?

Yes, it's a toilet paper roll. 
No way, you say. 
The proper response here is "way, way, way."
(You can also use a paper towel roll cut in half, or probably wrapping paper tube.)

Just get four TP rolls, flatten them,  and paint them (cheap acrylic paint is fine). 

Then decorate with paper and other embellishments.  (On a couple of mine, I sewed fabric to paper and used double stick tape to adhere it.)  Punch holes, add eyelets if desired, and put them on a binder ring.  Voila!  You have a book.  Some people punched two holes, some used one.  Some used a binding machine to put a wire binding on it.  It's very versatile. Tags fit nicely into the "slot" of the flattened roll!  Of course, the scrapbookers have more stuff on hand for layering and layering on each "page", but I wanted to make one right away and not worry about what was on it.
It's a quick, fun little book!
I can see a paste paper book here somewhere.....

[P.S. - I don't remember what video specifically was the best tutorial, but if you go to You Tube and search on Tissue Roll Mini Album, you'll find examples.]


gaye said...

You know, it takes so very little to entertain us. Loved it.

Jennifer said...

I'm off to the recycling bin to dig out 4 tp rolls....

Anonymous said...

The ultimate "green" item not only made useful, but beautiful..

Very clever... loved it.

Cathwren in Kalamazoo

ginnycartersmallenburg said...

You are so clever for not only finding this little gem of an idea, but making it right away.
You rock!