Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Something, Something, Something

Well, I didn't actually post a "something" every day this month like I planned, but I'm okay with that.  I was going to say "I like yellow things."  And post pictures of all the daffodils and other things in bloom now.  I never got the picture of the wild daffodils.  Except the one when I almost dropped my camera while leaning out the car window, then a car was coming up behind me, so I abandoned that mission and only got this.

This was way out in the country, at an abandoned house... and it was raining.  Otherwise, I might have gone back.  There were lots of empty places with daffodils lined up all by themselves.  I feel sure there must have been houses there, now long gone, and the flowers keep soldiering on year after year, up and down the fence row that is no longer there. 

I did get some pretty bright forsythia though.

And I was going to mention my favorite webcams, but it was too long to post all the sites and why I like them, plus a lot of times the webcams don't work and I'd hate to direct you there.  But I will mention the dinner cruise on the boat named the Moby Dick over in Germany.  Isn't this the coolest water vessel?  It even looks like a whale!  Most of the time I just watch the ferry go back and forth, dodging the barges.  I wonder who those people are and where they are going. 

And on the same river, these barges were at first interesting, then baffling when I realized they are like little houses, with the "garage" on top of the living quarters.  How the heck do they get those cars up there??  You can't just make a quick run to the store when you live here. 

I was going to mention how I like to check the webcams in Galveston.  I used to live down there, and discovered the cams a few months after Hurricane Ike went through, as I was trying to find some info on how the island survived.  This is a shot from Seawall Boulevard about eight months after Ike.  That thing in the water is not supposed to be there.  It weighs several hundred pounds and just showed up one day (I think it's a channel marker).  The thing that caught my eye was the clouds up the upper left.  I swear that looks like a guardian angel.  The webcam refreshes every few seconds, and I watched as formed, then broke up and went away. 

Most of all, the something I like is my blog.  It was one year ago this month that I started it, and I've really had fun with it.  Thanks to you readers out there who tell me you enjoy it.  Sometimes I feel like I am just shuffling around, babbling to myself (actually, that's exactly what I'm doing!)  To have you listening in is perfectly okay by me!!!  Tomorrow is April 1st and the end of the Somethings.  I don't have plans for any April Fool's jokes.  Not at the moment anyway (she said, rubbing her hands together...)

Goodbye March!

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gaye said...

I'm glad you bought yourself flowers. Happy Birthday!