Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something No. 14

14.  I love coffee.
I think I may be losing my tastebuds as I get older though.
Sometimes it seems like I can't taste it anymore.  So I will switch brands temporarily.

However, I fell in love last year.  My neighbors went on vacation to Hawaii.  As usual, I kept an eye on their house, checked to see if plants needed to be watered, etc.  When they came back, they gave me a bag of Kona coffee.  From Hawaii.  I'm in love.  Since then, as you can see from the picture above, I have tried different brands and flavors, picking up sample bags and trial sizes, trying to find something to compare.  Nothing does.  Oh, sure, I can order more from the address on the bag, but surely there is something comparable that I can buy locally.  (As I took these pictures, I noticed one bag of Kona coffee says clearly "Contains not less than 10% Kona coffee" - so I guess it could contain 11% and call itself Kona coffee??)
The search continues.  Meanwhile, I'm starting to think I need to make a coffee book (and put it on the coffee table???)  Too bad I've thrown away so many bags already.

Coffee is not just for drinking though.  Many years ago, I had been brayering stamp pad ink to make some background papers.  I threw my scrap paper in the trash.  Later, I put a used coffee filter in the trash.  "Later that same day...", I noticed the coffee grounds had seaped all through the scrap paper and made the stamp pad ink run.  It was really fascinating.  I cleaned off the page and put it in my techniques journal.  But I've never been able to duplicate it.


Moose Ridge said...

that piece of paper is gorgeous! And I understand the coffee addiction....

Martha Lever said...

Hi Pat!! Yes, we do live in a parallel universe you and I. I love your blog and after I post this comment to you and am going to sit back and travel around in your blog. It is wonderful. Thanks for writing me. You must be my bloggy twin!