Sunday, March 7, 2010

Something No. 4

4.  I love road trips.
I have several unique passports, so you know what that means.  I am free to move about the country to unique places!

Gaye and I made a day trip on Saturday to a stamp show in Indianapolis.  It's not the biggest and best show, but the real purpose is ... Road Trip!!  And boy were we ever ready for a sunny warm beautiful day to hit the road.  Our shopping didn't take too long, and we didn't buy much.  Between us, we bought some molds for working on metal, and maybe a handful of stamps.  We bought a background stamp which we cut in half and shared.  I bought a punch.  There was no frenzy, no drama!  Just a fun time.

The best was yet to come.  We met friends Chris and Mike Meador for lunch at Ped's Montana Grill.  Oh, sorry, Gaye got that wrong... it's "Ted's".  No problem.  We managed to find it anyway.  And the waitress and the Meadors were talking about Ted, and talking about Montana.... I'm usually pretty sharp, but it took me ForEver to make the connection between Ted Turner (oh, that Ted!) and this restaurant.  I had no idea.   But I have to say the food was delicious!  And they had the biggest onion rings I've ever seen.  I had fish, Gaye had bison pot roast, Mike and Chris had the America's Cup (the burger plate, not the boat race). 
[Imagine a mouth-watering photo here!]

All good things must come to an end, so we were eventually on the road again.  However, we did squeeze in a stop at our favorite place on the way back.

I kept thinking I should be taking pictures of things.  I did take a shot of this wall of little kids' shoes.  They were all so cute hanging there in all their glory.

I did buy three things. One was a rubber stamp with numbers on it.  I don't think I have ever seen quite that many numbers in a row on a stamp.  I'm not sure what it was used for.  (The background stamped there is the one Gaye and I cut apart.)

I also bought two books.  One was a railroad timekeeping book.  I was thinking I would tear out the pages to use in journals.  The other one is a Lion Coffee advertising book.  Again, my plan was to take it apart and use the pages.  However, as we were rocking down the highway on the last leg of the trip home, I started reading what was written on some of the pages.  I realized it was a book from 1892, and it appeared that more than one person had written in the book and maybe it was passed back and forth.  There are corny, rhyming love notes to each other.  Although it was all written in pencil, great care was taken with some of the writing, to make the capitals fancy and to make the writing neat.  I was very impressed.  Printed at the top of each page was an advertising slogan about Lion Coffee.  I don't think I can take apart this historical record of two people writing back and forth. 

And thus another road trip came to an end.  Another perfect day after a cold harsh winter (which may not yet be over, but it sure felt like it was ancient history on Saturday!)


Jennifer said...

My Dad's office was near a Ted's Montana Grill for years. I never made the connection until today while reading your blog entry. Hmm.The Lion Coffee book looks really neat! Great find.

Anonymous said...

I went to that stamp show, too, & the Antique Mall you mentioned is app. 20 miles from my home in Franklin!


Pat said...

Marti, what a small world!!! I'm sure our paths will cross again!