Thursday, March 11, 2010

Something No. 6

6.  I love chocolate and mint.
I guess almost everyone already knows that about me, given my previous mention of Girl Scout thin mint cookies!
If I go to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream, I get the mint chocolate chip.
If I buy ice cream at the grocery store, 95% of the time it will be a mint chocolate variation.
Andes Mints?  I'm there.
Hershey's kisses?  I think they had a limited edition mint kiss one time.  It should be permanent, but they didn't ask me.
How come Oreo does not make a cookie with mint filling, I wonder.

So, is it a bad thing that I get emails from Dairy Queen telling me their Blizzard flavor of the Month for March is Mint Oreo?

I know it doesn't look as appetizing here - by the time I got it home, unloaded stuff from the car, got out the camera and took a picture, it was starting to melt. 
But it was still yummy. 
I haven't had a blizzard in a long time!

I'm not sure how I got on the DQ email list.  But then I get emails from a lot of places that should not have my email address... like credit card companies and my mortgage company.  Even though they are places I do business with, I never gave them my email address.  Oops.... I'm breaking my own rules.  This month is all about things that make me happy, not things that irritate me! 
Happy, happy, happy.
That's me!


Anonymous said...

Arby's has a mint / fudge swirl shake. I had one this weekend.

Marti in
Franklin, Indiana

Pat said...

hmmmmm. This may call for a "research" mission!