Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Something No. 23

23.  Unplanned Rendezvous.
Gaye and I had not planned to get together today, but sometimes circumstances just unfold a different way than you expect when you roll out of bed.
The day started out cold and frosty, but by the time the sun was trying to plow its way through the early fog, I was suddenly on my way to Louisville, or at least part way.  We met at a McDonald's on the interstate, so I could give her some stuff for one of her classes at Artiscape in April. 
She made me wear a hat shaped like a birthday cake, with a blinking candle on top!
Because, yes, it is my birthday.
I'm 29.  That is, I'm 29 years...and 348 months!
What a great way to start the day.
When I drove up there in patchy fog, it looked like this.
The fog was thick in some places, but other places the air was filled with beautiful sunbeams.

And it looked like this in another spot, at the top of a ridge covered in fog.

By the time I drove home a couple of hours, it was the most beautiful day I've seen in a long time!
I stopped and took a photo of the same location as the last photo above.  I have tried to get a picture of this several times, but today's the day.  Everytime I pass it, I wonder about it. 

Who put that cross way up there on top of that ridge?  I have reason to believe it is a military memorial of some kind.  I feel a reverence every time I pass it.  Today the sky could not have been more beautiful and crisp. I was happy to be alive and enjoy this wonderful day!


Elizabeth C said...

Nice pictures and nice way of calculating your age. I'll have to remember that for when I turn 29 and 120 months later this year.

Bill said...

You're half right about the cross - it's a military marker sitting on the delineating border of a scrimmage site. Troops will line up at these crosses waiting for activation in the face of a national emergency. They often use crosses as to not upset the locals.

Pat said...

Is that information from the same manual about the mile markers? I never know with you!!!